Various factors come into play when choosing what workplace design is right for an office space. Everything from team structure to finances can influence the way an office is laid out, and it can impact the creativity, productivity, and overall satisfaction of employees.

Here are a few popular choices in today’s corporate buildings.

Illustrated infographic about workplace design and types of office layouts.

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Cellular Office

Uses partitions to create cubicle spaces for each employee

  • Introduced in the U.S. in the early 1960s [1]
  • Provides privacy and confidentiality
  • A great set-up for programmers and other technical positions

Nearly 60% of employees want more private workspace [2]

Team-Based Office

Groups desks by team, each section including individual workspaces and a common area

  • Blends collaboration with privacy
  • Works well for numerous teams working on separate projects
  • A great design for agencies or consulting firms

Open Office

Seats staff and equipment is in a single open room with few partitions

  • Although trendy, this style pre-dates cubicles[1]
  • Creates collaboration between team members and leadership
  • A good set-up for creative teams and sales staff

70% of U.S. offices use this layout [3]

Hybrid Office

Combines collaborative work spaces with private offices and cubicles

  • Provides common spaces, such as lounges and cafes
  • Supports many working styles and flexible schedules
  • Can be customized to meet organizational needs
  • A great layout for large companies with diverse roles

Home Office

Allows employees to work in their own space, using technology to interact

  • 40% more employers offer remote work than in 2013 [4]
  • Reduces expenses of providing office spaces
  • Allows companies to attract talent from all over
  • Up to 90% of workers would like to work from home at least part time [4]
  • A good solution for companies where most of the work is computer-based

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