Associate of Arts

General Studies

An accelerated introduction to higher education, this degree sets students on the right path to earning a bachelor's degree.

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Program Details

Next Start Date: 1/13
Est. Program Length: 2-3 years*
Course Length: 7 weeks
Cost Per Credit Hour: $510**
Credit Hours: 60
Transfer Credits: 36 max

*Based on students beginning the program with no prior college experience. Program length may be shorter for transfer students.
**An additional fee of $100 will apply.

Build a Strong Academic Foundation

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 773,800 business careers will be created in the United States between 2016 and 2026. Such rapid growth will expand this field by 10 percent, making business careers widely available to new college graduates. And while Malone University offers a variety of online bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business, the online Associate of Arts in General Studies degree can help you meet the requirements to achieve your educational goals and prepare for success as a professional.

Whether you’re returning to college to finish a degree you previously started, or are beginning a degree for the first time, the online Associate of Arts in General Studies program serves as the first stepping stone to earning a bachelor’s degree. Through an accelerated curriculum, courses featuring various collegiate topics, a dedicated faculty of expert professors, and a community founded on Christian principles, you’ll build a strong academic foundation that will support a variety of business careers. Once you complete the program, you’ll have 60 credits that can be applied to a bachelor’s degree.

Key topics covered in our online general studies program include:

  • Writing and researching
  • Christian theology and philosophy
  • Public speaking
  • Literary and visual fine arts
  • Global culture
  • Quantitative literacy

In addition to quality academics, this program’s curriculum also focuses heavily on faith-strengthening opportunities. Using a Christian worldview, you’ll learn how to apply your faith to your career and prioritize morality in the professional world.

Created with working individuals in mind, this program is offered fully online and provides you with the flexibility to learn when and where it’s most convenient. Accomplish your education goals as you explore an interactive curriculum and engage with experienced educators who are dedicated to your success.

This program consists of 60 Credits

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Courses and Requirements

Your curriculum. Your career.

The online Associate of Arts in General Studies degree is intended to provide students with the educational background necessary to succeed in a bachelor’s degree program. Featuring a diverse curriculum heavily focused on Christian values, students build solid academic foundations as they meet the requirements to continue their education with an advanced degree. The full 60 credit hours required for this degree can be transferred in to a bachelor’s degree.

Foundations of Faith and Learning
Bible – BIBL
Theology – THEO
Philosophy – PHIL

Foundational Skills
Writing – ENG
Quantitative Literacy – MATH/PSYC*
Oral Communication – COMM
*Advanced substitution MATH/PSYC140 with BUS/MGMT 240 Statistics for Business

Engaging the Created Order
Natural Science – BIOL

Engaging the Human Experience
Understanding Persons in Society – ECON, PSYC, SOC
Literature – ENG
Fine Arts – ART, ENG

Engaging in Cultures and Institutions
World History – HIST
American Cultures & Institution – BUS, COMM, POL
Global Encounters – ENG/COMM, ENG, MUS, POL

Portfolio – GEN 240


Admissions Requirements

A.A. General Studies Admissions

Candidates for Malone’s online A.A. in General Studies program must submit the following:

  • Complete application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended*
  • If a student has less than 30 credit hours of college or university coursework, or a cumulative GPA that is lower than 2.0, a high school transcript may be required.**

*Only students who are transferring into the program must submit official transcripts.
**A letter stating performance issues may also be required.

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Why Choose Malone?

Malone Online is a Christ-centered university that is recognized for its academic excellence, extraordinary leadership, career-oriented programs, and holistic approach to education.

  • Quality Rankings.

    Among its many accolades, Malone has been listed among the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Values and Best Colleges for Veterans for 2018.

  • Christ-Centered.

    Malone provides an intentional focus on promoting an education based on faith and its integration with intellectual, spiritual, and social growth.

  • Extraordinary Leadership.

    Students work with renowned faculty, caring staff, and can take advantage of unique support programs after graduation.

Benefits of Learning Online

Pursuing an online degree means choosing to elevate your career. Online degree programs offer:

  • Flexibility

    Online learning makes it possible to earn a degree while maintaining a balance of work and life responsibilities.

  • Self-Paced Programs

    Spend more time with instructional materials, and adjust your learning schedule according to your needs.

  • Equal Access to Faculty

    Students who earn their degrees online study with the same excellent professors as their on-campus peers.

  • Affordability

    Online programs allow students to remain at work, and do not incur the additional costs associated with earning a degree on campus.

  • Community

    Learn with like-minded individuals in a digital space that’s every bit as welcoming as an on-campus classroom.

  • Enhanced Motivation

    Because students are afforded so much independence with an online degree, they graduate with the skills they need to excel in their careers.

  • Cultivated Potential

    Graduates emerge from online programs with a greater understanding of their own fortitude and excellence.