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Gifted Intervention Specialist Endorsement (K-12)

A teaching endorsement program designed to help teachers identify and support the intellectual growth of gifted students.

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Program Details

Next Start Date: 8/26
Est. Program Length: 18 months
Course Length: 6-7 weeks
Cost Per Credit Hour: $350
Credit Hours: 18

The Next Step in Your Professional Advancement

Gifted students can be found in every classroom and community. With the online Gifted Endorsement program at Malone University, you’ll earn the credential you need to help these young individuals reach their personal best. At Malone, licensed teachers have the opportunity to take a unique course of study rarely offered by other schools in a convenient online format designed around their busy schedules. The program is also a cognate area in Malone’s Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (offered on campus), allowing you the option of advancing to higher levels of study should you choose.

The program successfully prepares you to become an advocate for students who show extraordinary talents in a number of subject areas. Through a state-of-the-art curriculum, the program trains you to understand the nature and needs of these children, and how to provide them with instructional challenges and social support. Additionally, Malone’s online Gifted Endorsement program is faith-based. While offering a biblically centered focus, we help you become an ethical leader in the classroom.

Key topics of study include:

  • Specialized curriculum design
  • Integration of technology and service learning into instruction
  • Identifying gifted children
  • Trends in the profession
  • Relevant laws and policies
  • Relevant teaching models
  • Gifted and talented assessment
  • Impact of collaboration, family/community involvement, and cultural variants on gifted students
  • Gifted and talented administration

The program also requires hands-on training through a teaching practicum. Working in a supervised setting, you’ll gain extensive practical experience within your new specialty. Because the program is taught by regional and state experts, you will have the training required to meet the relevant teaching standards in both Ohio and nationwide upon graduation.

To enter the Gifted Endorsement program, you must have at least two years of teaching experience. The endorsement may be added to any existing Ohio teaching license after completing required coursework.

This program consists of 18 Credits

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Courses and Requirements

Your curriculum. Your career.

The online Gifted Endorsement is intended to give participants a unique specialization within the teaching field. Through a Christian lens, working instructors will learn the competencies required to successfully help their students and advance in their profession.

Course of Study
EDGT 522 Curriculum for Gifted Learners
EDGT 549 Learning and Behavioral Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Students
EDGT 552 Assessment and Identification of Gifted Populations
EDGT 582 Differentiation and Collaboration for the Teacher of Gifted Students
EDGT 615 Administration of Gifted Programs
EDGT 630 Practicum in Gifted Education


Admissions Requirements

Candidates for Malone’s Gifted Endorsement must submit:

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Why Choose Malone?

Malone Online is a Christ-centered university that is recognized for its academic excellence, extraordinary leadership, career-oriented programs, and holistic approach to education.

  • Quality Rankings.

    Among its many accolades, Malone has been listed among the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Values and Best Colleges for Veterans for 2018.

  • Christ-Centered.

    Malone provides an intentional focus on promoting an education based on faith and its integration with intellectual, spiritual, and social growth.

  • Extraordinary Leadership.

    Students work with renowned faculty, caring staff, and can take advantage of unique support programs after graduation.

Benefits of Learning Online

Pursuing an online degree means choosing to elevate your career. Online degree programs offer:

  • Flexibility

    Online learning makes it possible to earn a degree while maintaining a balance of work and life responsibilities.

  • Self-Paced Programs

    Spend more time with instructional materials, and adjust your learning schedule according to your needs.

  • Equal Access to Faculty

    Students who earn their degrees online study with the same excellent professors as their on-campus peers.

  • Affordability

    Online programs allow students to remain at work, and do not incur the additional costs associated with earning a degree on campus.

  • Community

    Learn with like-minded individuals in a digital space that’s every bit as welcoming as an on-campus classroom.

  • Enhanced Motivation

    Because students are afforded so much independence with an online degree, they graduate with the skills they need to excel in their careers.

  • Cultivated Potential

    Graduates emerge from online programs with a greater understanding of their own fortitude and excellence.